Opvanghuis voor straatjongens in Nesavanam

Het opvanghuis voor jongens in Nesavanam bij Chennai (Madras)

Nesavanam children village deed een beroep op Suryodaya voor hulp bij het opvangen van thuisloze straatjongens die ze helpen bij hun onderwijs. Nesavanam-children village is een onderdeel van Nesakkaram-SEEDS. In hun eigen woorden:

Nesakkaram-SEEDS has been the home of love and growth to many poor, orphan, stray, run-away boys. It has given them their childhood back which was robbed from them by many forces personal and impersonal and has brought to realization their dream of a natural and healthy childhood along with many skills. Nesakkaram has given them quality food, shelter, clothing, education, life skills, discipline, job and many more, along with the joy of a loving home and family. To give more space and eco friendly home for children, a new place was created as Nesavanam children village, which is a branch of Nesakkaram-SEEDS, is situated in Siruniyam, a village on the outskirts of Chennai city.
In 2017 we received the Government recognition for our children Home under the JJ Act.

In 2018 woonden 15 jongens in het Children Village die anders onmogelijk onderwijs zouden kunnen volgen en zouden opgroeiden voor galg en rad. Suryodaya droeg in belangrijke mate bij aan de kosten van hun levensonderhoud.  De jongens gingen naar het reguliere onderwijs en werden op allerlei manieren gestimuleerd om zich daar in te zetten en zich te ontwikkelen, ook door buitenschoolse vormingsactiviteiten.

  • “Our students were regular for their classes and made significant progress in their studies.
  • In sport and stage performance our students represented their school in zonal and district level competitions.
  • Children parliament group- Our home children are formed in a group to develop their leadership qualities and responsibilities. They are six ministers and the rest as members.
  • Our students were privileged to have laptops to learn computer skills. They were introduced into basics knowledge. In the evenings and holiday time special practical sessions were conducted.
  • Singing/Musical instruments- We encourage the home children for varieties of talents, specially in sing and music. In their weekly recreations, common function, liturgical celebration they participate well.
  • Farming/veg gardening – Since Nesavanam- is an eco friendly home. Everyday the children are given time to cultivate vegetable garden and fruit garden. They are over joy to see the fruits their works.
  • The bigger boys learn to do the household thing like plumping and electrical works. This keeps the house livable.”

Two of our students, Lokesh and Sairam have successfully completed their ITI Electrician course at Don Bosco ITI. Both of them were rescued children, underwent their schooling and technical education. They were trained in various other housekeeping works. Talented in cultural dance and music. At present they are doing their apprenticeship. Learning to be independent and self supportive in life.